Tilbake til forsiden

Headmaster`s business idea states in broad terms the strategy (what, why, how and to whom) for realizing the envisioned future:

Headmaster Consulting AS is an education consulting firm designed to bring a strategic approach to workforce education. Our speciality is Human Performance Management. We develop, implement and manage learning- and performance improvement solutions that help our customers achieve their goals through their people. The main objective is to develop a high-performance culture and thereby improve our customers bottom line results. Our main services are within Strategy, Culture development, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Sales & Customer Service. Our approach is based on concepts known as Human Performance Technology and CorporateUniversity.
The focus of our profession is to develop high-performance people and organisations. In the light of the knowledge economy, this is key to competitive advantage. Leading business experts are in fact saying that people are the last remaining competitive advantage. The ability to learn, and more important - the ability and willingness to convert that learning into performance outcomes, creates extraordinary value for people, teams and organisations. We believe that the way forward is "growing your business through your people".
In every single assignment we shall together with our customers strive to achieve the key essential ingredients for success - meaning that the chosen learning- and performance solutions are: Strategic, Systematic, Integrated, Result oriented & Long-term. Furthermore, we shall collaborate with leading specialists within human performance improvement, enabling us to deliverer extraordinary customer value.
To whom:
First and foremost, we want to work with customers that share our beliefs and values - and are willing to invest in their human assets. Our target customers are human capital intensive organisations and corporations - both national and international.